Some reasons why wearing indoor slippers inside your home is a good idea

Is it healthy to wear outdoor shoes or just on bare feet inside your home? Science doesn’t really support either side of the argument.
However, there are other reasons why wearing indoor slippers inside your home might actually be a good idea.
It is not suggested that people do not wear shoes or slippers in house, especially when kids are little and random LEGOs are commonly found on the floor.
If you’ve ever stepped on one then you’ve missed something very special. Even if you don’t have LEGOs litering your floor, there are a few serious reasons why you might want to keep shoes or slippers on in your house.
A podiatrist said with more people working from home she’s seen an increase in foot pain and a condition called plantar fasciitis. She said a rigid shoe or slipper to protect the bottom of the foot and allow the arch to be supported has been beneficial to keep the alignment of your joints.
Also, older people can benefit from the added stability and traction a shoe or slipper provides. Slips and falls in the home are a major risk for seniors.
Diabetics with peripheral neuropathy sometimes cannot feel the bottom of their foot and the added protection of a shoe could be beneficial.
While she is in favor of people wearing shoes or slippers indoors, she recommends having a dedicated pair of indoor shoes or slippers that you change into when you come home -- ideally a pair with good arch support and some traction.

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All the indoor slippers and shoes are designed not only to make your feet comfortable when wearing in your house, but also protect the bottom and arch of your feet. Try them on, and they won’t make you disappointed.

Post time: Jun-30-2022
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