Introduction of intelligent automatic injection machine

As a professional manufacturer of safety shoes, since the establishment of the factory in 2001, we not only adhere to safety and quality, focus on the improvement and innovation of safety shoes style, but also actively introduce advanced production machinery and equipment, in order to improve the production process and efficiency of the factory. Because we believe that Technology leads future, intelligence brings manufacture. 

Now, our factory have a full set of automatic injection shoes machine which was made in an Italian joint venture, all with German technology.

Intelligent interconnect automatic shoe-making production line use robots instead of manual work, achieving a standard operation, reduced volatility, increased production speed, improved quality and stability after increasing yield and saving manpower. This fundamentally overcome the conflict between product cost and diversity under traditional method of production. And this line can help our factory to realize the approach an improved performance, rich function and reduced product development cycle, which is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of our factory.

Direction injection process, direct injection molding, is a very unique expertise in the shoe-making industry. The biggest difference from cemented shoes is that it adopts an environmental-protective, porous, light and wear-resisting PU sole to inject with upper at one time, without glue or suture. Therefore, the shape of the DIP sole accords quit well with human body anatomy, and each line and each shape is more fit, comfortable, suitable for walking. The safety shoes of such production, with its smooth and tidy appearance, durability and service life cannot be surpassed. 

Post time: Aug-18-2022
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